Your idea explained in a SHORT, FUN, ANIMATED VIDEO

To those who prefer reading over watching our video - do they exist?

Well, throughout millions of years humans evolved to learn especially well from visual clues. And not only well but effortless and fast.

A person arriving on your web page will naturally feel curiosity to know what it’s about and why you decided it was worth spending your time on it, but in most cases the amount of curiosity doesn’t make up for the amount of time and effort the person expects to have to spend on finding out by reading and searching.

So then why do most visitors of a page click the play button if the page has a video? Simply because a video is like a promise that they will be able to satisfy their curiosity and that it will only take a few minutes.

At MindBug Studios we care about keeping that promise by getting your idea across and conveying its awesomeness in a concise manner, but we take it one step further by entertaining your users with a fun and engaging story, charming characters and cartoon-style visuals.

It’s like a first impression of your business that tells your users that you are professional, concerned with usability and simply fun!

And the best of all is that users can pass on your idea, business, service or cause by simply sharing your video.