How much does an animated web video cost?

You can either watch this short draft video or read the text bellow ... it is up to you ;)

Our pricing works as follows:

It’s $1800 per minute for just the animation, BUT . . .

The thing is we don’t do just animation, because we really care about producing a video for you that will be most effective, not only in explaining your product, but actually making viewers understand what it’s about and how it can be useful for them and entertain them so that they associate your product with a positive feeling.

Don’t forget that your video is often the first thing a viewer sees of your product and sometimes the only, so you need to make a good first impression.

You’re probably already familiar with all the advantages of having a great web video, like an increase in user conversion or the higher ranking of youtube videos by google, so I’m not going to bore you.

Long story short, our biggest cost is in analysing your product to pinpoint exactly how it is special and attractive and then to add lots of creativity and a little madness to make your video truly unique and fresh.

That’s why we really need to know your product in order to give you an exact quote, but in general the cost of one video ranges between $3000 and $25000.

Now what if you're a startup and don't have money for a web video?

Well, we understand that especially a startup can benefit from a well concepted and professionally produced web video. For one because their product is often novel and needs explaining for users to grasp its features and advantages, but also because a professionally made video gives users the immediate impression of a well made product and reliable service - in other words instant credibility.

So if you're interested in a video, have no money, but a product that'll knock our socks off, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by completing This form